Couples Seminar Starts TONIGHT...Don't Wait!

I you have been thinking about taking my couples seminar, now is the time to do it.  The next one won't run until October - another 6 months off.  Do you really want to wait that long to get the tools that you need to start turning your relationship around?

Participants tell me all the time that this is life-changing information!

"Just a note to say we're still thriving several months after your class!  :-)"

"This course helped my husband and me tremendously. For the first time we didn't feel that either one of us was to blame. That allowed us to finally let go of some anger and start working on getting better. Without this first step I don't think improvement would be possible...We have made more progress in this seminar than we have in 2 years of couples therapy."

"You have given us hope and a direction.  I am forever grateful to your wisdom, and ability to even-handedly deliver your message.  My ADHD husband has felt like the bad guy for so long but you managed to get him to sit still and look at himself without judgment.  That’s pretty amazing!!!"

No matter where in the world you live, this couples course is designed so that you and your partner get all of the information you need for your specific situation - even if you listen to the recordings of the live sessions I make each week.  You will still hear other couples.  You will still get to ask me ALL of your questions about your own relationship.  And you will still get the tools you need to start making the same sorts of changes so many couples have made before you.

I hope you will consider registering for this couples course with me.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

With best regards,

Melissa Orlov