Just 1 Week until Couples Seminar Begins!

If you and your partner are struggling the way that most couples impacted by ADHD are struggling, you are likely suffering through unnecessary pain.  Did you know that:

  • Research suggests that 50-80% of adults with ADHD can find treatment(s) that significantly improve their management of ADHD.  But you have to know how to optimize treatment to see these gains
  • It’s not all about ADHD – and couples where one or both partners think it is will continue to struggle rather than repair their relationship – for a VERY long time
  • Because of the ADHD and responses to ADHD, anger in your relationship is inevitable – until you learn very specific ways to change direction

You know that your problems won’t disappear tomorrow – if it were that easy you would have tamed them by now!  Which is why you need help from someone who has experience leading couples away from the hurt, anger and loneliness of ‘the ADHD Effect.’  My upcoming 8-week phone seminar can set you on the more loving and positive direction you seek.  This course has done so for more than 5 years for many, many couples.  Here’s just one comment about the January session, from a psychiatrist who took the seminar for personal reasons with her ADHD husband:

"(…I read your book and started to understand our issues better, but) by that stage I was too exhausted to spark up any sustained hope of change, and felt that I didn't have the energy for the long-haul ahead, so headed towards divorce proceedings.

(My husband asked that we take your course and), here we are, 6 months and one Melissa Orlov course later, and the divorce proceedings are off. I am no longer wondering every time I have a conversation with my husband whether I can believe anything he says, or whether he has any real interest in my thoughts and feelings, and (I hope) he doesn't feel that I will criticize and harangue him so that he feels that nothing that he does is appreciated.

Your course is superb; it is so redolent of experience and wisdom, grounded in solid scientific concepts and all delivered with such warmth and clarity…Many thanks and much respect to you."

I get many comments like this one (to see more, go to the bottom of my seminar page.)  Not every couple succeeds in my course...but a huge number do...often surprising themselves in the process.  Please consider registering for the upcoming session that starts this coming Monday, April 4th at 8:30pm eastern time.  Logistics are below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

With best regards,

Melissa Orlov

ADHD Effect In-Depth Couples Seminar – Starts April 4

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  • 8 sessions, given by conference call, starting at 8:30pm eastern time
  • Each session includes a 1-hour lecture with slides (sent out before hand) plus a live 30-45 minute Q&A
  • All sessions are recorded.  If you miss a session or are in an awkward time zone, you can download and listen later that week
  • Everyone gets ALL of their questions asked – either live or in written form…my objective is to help you in what ever way I can
  • Cost is $289 per couple, or less than $25 per hour per couple (not including the many hours I spend answering questions as the course proceeds – YOUR questions!)
  • See the full course syllabus, and all of the dates, at this seminar page