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ADHD & Marriage - Weekly Marriage Tip - June 6, 2011

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(picture of a family lost in jungle.  Man says to wife…) “O.K., I admit it, we’re lost, but the important thing is to remain focused on whose fault it is.”

-New Yorker Cartoon

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Use Humor to Keep Things Light!

We can laugh at this cartoon in part because it’s so true.  How often have you spent time and energy arguing with your partner about who is right, rather than simply working together (regardless of who is right) to solve the problem at hand?!

I plan to add this to my “front of the fridge” collection, right next to another of my favorites in which a “man” bird is leaning over to put the last piece of grass on his beautifully constructed nest while his “wife” looks on and says crossly “I can’t believe you’re going to put it there!”

I hang these things up where all can see for a reason – to remind myself (and my family) to “take it easy”, remain a team, and look for the lighter side in life.

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