Last Live Seminar Coming Up - Don't Wait to Register

Hello to all - I wanted to let you know that it's likely that this coming couple's phone seminar will be my last live couples seminar for some time, perhaps for good.  So if you've been thinking about signing up, now is the time!

This is a fabulous seminar - given once a week by phone conference call for 8 weeks.  Many couples have said that it has dramatically changed their lives for the better (see the testimonials at the bottom of the seminar page if you want to hear more!)  The seminar covers such important topics as:

  • What good treatment for ADHD looks like in the context of a serious relationship
  • Why you are both so angry - and how to change that
  • Parent/child interactions, and dysfunctional pursuit/retreat patterns - and how to get out of them
  • Communication strategies that work
  • Overcoming tasks, time and chore issues for couples
  • Lying, cover-ups, and rebuilding trust
  • How to find the positives in ADHD and your relationship

If you are struggling, you probably need this information.  So register now - the course starts September 23rd!

If you have further questions about whether taking this course is right for you and your partner, please email me at [email protected]

With best regards,

Melissa Orlov

P.S.  If you can't take the course now, the recorded course will still be available...but you'll miss your chance to ask questions as the course proceeds.