Like a Dog

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - October 11, 2016

Quote of the Week

Q:  “But why should I praise him like he’s a golden retriever for things he should be doing in the first place?”

A:  It is not about bolstering a mate’s ego but about establishing an atmosphere of kindness and respect, which is ultimately a more fertile ground for affecting change.”

- Jancee Dunn and Gary Chapman

Like a Dog

I hear this ‘why should I praise him for things he’s supposed to be doing?’ question all the time!  And my answer is ‘because you can.’  And because many things our partner’s take on are harder for them than we might imagine.

It’s harder for a person with ADHD to get organized, stay on task, plan something, or remember something than many without ADHD understand.  To ‘do the things he was supposed to be doing’ takes considerable effort – for which one should get credit.

The same goes in the other direction, too.  It’s far harder to manage the anxiety, frustration and fear that living in a state of chaos over which you have little control induces (aka living with a partner with ADHD.)  Non-ADHD partners who learn how to manage these feelings (and nagging, anger and more) should be thanked and acknowledged.

Really, it’s all about creating that atmosphere of observation and respect.  You both deserve that.

Have you acknowledged your partner for his or her effort lately?


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