ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - November 25, 2015

Quote of the Week

“(Regret is) driven by a contrast between where we are and where we think we could have been.”
-Dan Ariely, who studies irrationality


Let’s say you miss your flight.  That’s frustrating, right?  But what’s more frustrating?  Missing it by 2 minutes, or by two hours?

And who is happier standing on the Olympic podium?  The person who got the silver or the person who got the bronze?

Both the person who missed the flight by 2 minutes and the silver medalist are thinking “If only…” and that form of regret is incredibly painful.  So painful, in fact, that Ariely’s experiments suggest that people will do almost anything to avoid that feeling again.

Regret also drives anger.  But Ariely’s insight may help diminish that.  After all, if a non-ADHD wife (for example) regrets she married a woman who is completely disorganized instead of someone who is very neat, it’s possible to reframe this issue with greater acceptance of the disorganized partner’s ADHD symptoms.  ‘If I am to be Suzanne’s partner at all, I have to acknowledge that my dream of her being a neat freak wasn’t actually very realistic.  I knew that going in, even though I hoped it would improve.”  By being realistic, you decrease the distance between where you are, and where you think you could have been.

Are there things you regret where the pain of that regret could be lessened by viewing the situation more realistically?


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