ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - February 19, 2016

Quote of the Week

“Fun isn’t an activity; it’s the result of our willingness to be open.  Fun is about spontaneity.  It finds us when it wants to, and our job is to be ready.”
-Thelma Adams


Ever felt too cranky to have fun?  That’s being ‘closed’ rather than open, and we’ve all been there!

It turns out that research suggests that one of the reasons optimists get more opportunities in life isn’t because more opportunities come their way, but rather that when they do, optimists are ‘open’ to considering them.

The same thing happens with fun.  Fun, exciting, new and interesting things happen all the time if we are just open to trying them and willing to do something different.

I find that one way to be more open is to try to keep myself in a positive mindset, even when things are difficult.  I do this with gratitude exercises and taking time to look around me, both figuratively and literally.  I make a concerted effort to say ‘yes’ when something new and interesting comes my way, just to try it out.  Lots of times it turns out to be fun (or interesting, at least!) and sometimes it’s a total flop…at which point I try to laugh and figure I’ve learned something I didn’t know before.

How might you be able to be more open to fun and what’s already around you?


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