Recovering from Depression

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - March 16, 2016

Quote of the Week

“The groups ranged from support groups for patients recovering from heart surgery in Norway to students in secondary schools in Australia.  As we reported earlier this year, the common finding across all studies was that the more someone identified with a group, the less severe his or her depression symptoms were.  Thus, a sense of connection to a group, rather than just contact with individuals, is what protects mental health.”
-Tegan Cruwys, S. Alexander Haslam, and Genevieve Dingle in Scientific American Mind

Recovering from Depression

People who are depressed often seem to hide themselves away and disconnect from others.  This study (and others) suggests that identifying with a group and making connections is critical to mental health.  ‘Connection’ is what Ned Hallowell calls ‘the other Vitamin C’ and for good reason!

In line with Dr. Hallowell’s idea, this research also suggested that simply ‘attending’ a group did not significantly lower depression.  It was the feelings of connection with the group that made the difference.

So if you are currently depressed, think about what group you might be able to join and become invested in…and things may well start looking up.


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