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ADHD & Marriage - Weekly Marriage Tip - January 15, 2013

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“Even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one.”

- Maya Angelou


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Pain in the ^&@#**
Many who read these tips are hurting in really significant ways.  And I know that as I sank deeper and deeper into hurt in my own relationship I discovered that it felt okay - even good, sometimes -  to also lash out at my partner.  Justified, too.  It was one of the few effective ways to get his attention when he was distracted.

But it’s not justified.  Nor does it work.  As Angelou notes, we do better when we act in a way that makes us proud of our own behavior.  Your partner may be driving you crazy but I urge you to not return the favor!

For those in marriages impacted by ADHD
If you or your spouse has ADHD, please join our forum at to ask your questions and learn from others who share your issues.  In addition, you'll find in-depth essays to help you learn how to thrive in a marriage affected by ADHD.
Hope to hear from you there!
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