Please Read - Session 7 & 8 Information

I apologize again for my cancelation of session 7.  Turns out I have COVID and simply wasn't capable of teaching that night.  

By now I hope that you've had a chance to listen to the recording of session 7 that is loaded into the classroom.  As a reminder, that's the 'difficult to understand behaviors' session that covers lying (including financial cover ups), pornography and affairs.  Some people don't need or want that session, but for those who have these issues the information can be helpful.

Session 8 will proceed as scheduled this week.   I look forward to moving into the re-connection part of the seminar.  I'll be talking about trust; the research on rebuilding connection, and more.

By Wednesday it will have been quite a while since we've met in person in a Zoom session.  I hope everyone is ready to 'get back on the horse' as they say, and engage with the last two sessions - which is arguably the most fun content of the course.  

Best to all,