Register for April Couples Seminar Now!

"You have given us hope and a direction.  I am forever grateful to your wisdom, and ability to even handedly deliver your message.  My ADHD husband has felt like the bad guy for so long but you managed to get him to sit still and look at himself without judgment.  That’s pretty amazing!!!"

These are difficult times for couples, but there is hope.  You've contacted me in a way that suggested you would like to hear about my couples seminar, and I'm happy to say that the Spring session is now open for enrollment.  It starts April 7, and will be given in a webinar format so you can both see and hear me from anywhere.  The next seminar will start in the Fall.  I urge you to learn more here.

Why wait?  The next seminar won't happen again until the Fall.  In this upcoming seminar you will learn:

  • How to identify what's ADHD - and what's not
  • How to communicate without putting each other on the defensive
  • What's underneath all that anger, and how to calm things down
  • How to reconnect and rebuild trust in each other
  • Why parent/child dynamics are so destructive, and how to get out of them
  • Making sure each of you gets heard by the other partner
  • Ways to overcome (and respond to) distraction 
  • How to connect with more affection and deal with the problems that have led to less sex than you expected
  • What great treatment for ADHD looks like (including a worksheet to help you build your treatment plan)

That's just the start.  You can find out what this 8 sessions seminar includes (as well as register) here.  The course is given by webinar - so very easy to take from home, work...anywhere you are.  And I record every session, just in case you miss one.

If you have questions, please send them along using this contact form - I'm happy to answer them for you.

Best wishes,

Melissa Orlov

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