Seminar Follow Up - Resources You Requested and Q&A

Hello and thanks for your patience in my getting this information to you.

Q&A #1

The first Q&A with your questions will be posted to the seminar classroom today.  I will open another one after this next session (the third).


You asked for some resources about ADHD.  Here are some that I think are currently some of the best:

About adult ADHD generally:

Both of these books are realistic and from top experts, as well as positive in their attitudes about ADHD.

ADHD 2.0 by Hallowell and Ratey

Your Brain's Not Broken by Rosier

Resources for when you have kids with ADHD provides parent coaching when you have neuro-diverse kids.  Parent training has been demonstrated in research to improve outcomes for the kids.

The book, What your child with ADHD wishes you knew by Sharon Saline

About ADHD if you are a woman

Look up Linda Roggli and Sari Solden for resources.  Both focus in this area.

Blog posts about multiple people in family having ADHD:

6 Tips for when both parent(s) and kids have ADHD

14 tips for both both partners have ADHD

When both partners have ADHD