Seminar Starts Soon!

I am so delighted you will be joining the seminar!  We start Wednesday evening, and I will be in the webinar classroom at 7:45pm eastern time.  I have ONE REQUEST ABOUT CONNECTING TO THE WEBINAR.  If you are given the option to sign in, please DO NOT use your full name.  Instead, use a made up name or only your first name (Lucy R; Mickey Mouse; Tad and Jim; Ellen plus 1 etc etc).  This is so that you are anonymous if you ask questions during the Q&A.  The webinar format will show whatever name you entered when you came into the webinar if (and only if) you are asking a question.  Since I record all of the sessions for those who miss a session, I really appreciate it when people take care to not share their full names.

You have received a previous email with instructions on how to access the seminar classroom and I hope by now you have explored the materials that are already open and ready for you.  If you don't have the classroom link handy, the access link is 

Please make sure that you mark seminar emails to go into your regular email box so you see them when they arrive.

I look forward to starting this journey with you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Make sure to indicate you are a seminar participant in the header.

Best wishes,

Melissa Orlov