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ADHD & Marriage - Weekly Marriage Tip - June 15, 2011

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“According to the latest research, 25 percent of Americans have no intimate social connection at all, and countless others spend the bulk of them time by themselves.  One recent study found that half of all American adults lack even a single close friend they can rely on.”

-Experience Life Magazine, May, 2011


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Social Connections

While I would like to see how the research about not having even a single close friend was done before I completely believe it, the direction of this statement is nonetheless sobering.  In an age of electronic connection, many of us are losing our deepest personal bonds.  Since good mental health is closely tied to how connected you are, this is bad news, indeed.

We all wish to be part of something “larger” than us – a community of like minded people, a group of cherished childhood friends, a cause, perhaps a religious organization, even a really good workout class.  But connecting take TIME and I wonder if part of the issue in our lack of connection comes from our inability to “schedule” time to connect in person.  We are too busy – with work, with following our kids around, with taking care of our “stuff.”

For the next few weeks, why not overtly set aside some specific time to connect somehow with other people who are important to you?  If you have to put some “stuff” aside, so be it.  The people connections are what really matter.

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