2016 ADHD Women's Palooza Bonuses

Welcome to the ADHD and Marriage site!  I hope you'll explore the many wonderful resources offered here.

Your Women's Palooza Bonuses!

1.)  Relationship Builder - Identifying Strengths for Conflict Resolution Worksheet

In my Palooza session I talked about joy...and also about relationship conflict.  This relationship builder focuses on identifying strengths (your own and your partner's) that may be able to help you interact more positively when you disagree.  Smoothing out your disagreements opens up space to enjoy each other more readily.  Download the Relationship Builder here.

2.)  Raffle - Registration for Two Couples into The ADHD Effect In-Depth Couple's Seminar

This 8-session seminar is an extremely effective way to learn more about how ADHD impacts your relationship and, even better, what each partner can DO in order to turn things around and begin to thrive.  Melissa gives it live by conference call, so you can take it from anywhere.  If you miss a session, you can listen to the recording that is available the next day.  During the course you have many opportunities to ask all of your questions...and, you'll learn important information about:

To register for the raffle, send Melissa an email using this contact form, with the word RAFFLE in the subject line.  The drawing will be held at the end of day on March 15, 2016. This raffle prize has a value of $289 and winning couples can register in either the April/May session (tentatively set to begin April 4) or the October/November session.

3.)  ADHD Treatment Guide - The Latest in the Treatment of Adult ADHD

I invite you all to go to my online treatment area, and download the two free chapters about the latest on ADHD treatment.  This treatment information has been reviewed by Dr. Ned Hallowell, Dr. John Ratey, and Mary Solanto, Ph.D. - so you know it's good, solid information!


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