ADHD Effect Couples Seminar Extension

Only for couples taking the current session of The ADHD Effect In-Depth Couples Seminar.  These sessions are one hour long, and are intended to provide specific, practical tools for improving communication.  Lectures will be short, with an emphasis on couples building experience using the tools during class time and discussing issues that may arise for them as they try them out.

Agenda and Dates

All sessions start at 8:30pm eastern time, and last for approximately 1 hour.

WEDNESDAY, March 20, Session 1:  The Art of Constructive Curiosity - An excellent tool for helping each partner feel heard.  This easy-to-understand tool builds on learning conversations and conflict intimacy, so partners will get to try out at least one of those conversational techniques during this session, as well.

Wed, March 27, Session 2:  Power Sharing Navigation - One of the most difficult tasks for couples who know more about ADHD is to figure out how to share the power in their relationship in a way that feels good to both.  This tool set extends your work on diminishing parent/child dynamics and provides you another way to engage with more equal status.

Wed, April 3, Session 3 Finding 'Just Right' - It's hard to balance the ADHD 'way of being' with non-ADHD partner's 'way of being.'  One of the trickiest parts is finding that delicate balance between managing the ADHD and accepting its limitations.  This session builds on sessions 1 & 2 and helps couples better determine where their own 'just right' can be found.

Wed, April 10, Session 4:  Participants' Choice:  Communication Problems and Solutions - The original couples seminar and this add-on grouping have provided many ways to communicate clearly and effectively with each other.  This session will be devoted to solidifying (and practicing) those communication techniques that participants identify they still need help with.


This extension series consists of 4, 1 hour sessions, given by phone.  They are a different format than the original couples seminar - each session focuses on a single tool, with time to try that tool and ask questions about its implementation.  The sessions augment and add to conversational techniques discussed in The ADHD Effect In-Depth Couples Seminar.  Only couples who have taken the couples seminar are invited to register.


The fee for this extension series is $169 per couple.  Refunds are offered until March 22.

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