Downloading Files Help

If you are having trouble downloading the audiobook or self-study course files, here are some specific steps you can take for a successful download:

Problem:  Ordered product, but didn't get an email.

Solution:  An email with the file link is automatically generated once your order is complete, so check your spam folder to see if the email is there.  Once in a while, we get blocked by providers (most recently Yahoo, though they have unblocked us again) and so your email may be delayed by as much as 4 hours.  If you still can't find an email after that amount of time, contact us.

Problem:  Have the email, and click on the link, but can't download...or can't find the download.

Solution:  Please follow these steps:

  1. Log on to
  2. Go to "my account" at the very top of the home page
  3. Click on "my files" in the horizontal menu bar
  4. Click on the link for the file you are trying to download (link is the blue product name)

Clicking on this link will automatically download your file to your computer.  It is a zip file and will go to wherever your downloads normally go.

Some computers (Macs in some operating system versions) will automatically open the zip file, and if you go to finder you can find the files in downloads.  Others will show the zip file (*.zip) in your downloads area and when you click on it, or click "open," it will "unzip" into multiple files located in a file folder wherever you normally find your downloads.  The exact downloading sequence varies by browser and operating system, but this file should act like all the others you typically download.

Sometimes it can be hard to find downloads on a Mac.  To do this, click on your user name area in the left menu bar (has a house next to it), then click on downloads.  Make sure the downloads are sorted by date so the most recent file is at the top, and you will see either a *.zip file or a file folder with what you just ordered.  If you still have a zip file, click on it and it will open the regular file folder, in which you will find your recordings.  You can then move the entire file somewhere else (other than downloads) on your computer.

With PC systems the concept is the same - find wherever the downloads go and you will find either a zip file to open, or a file folder with the files in it.

Problem:  It says that I have reached the maximum number of downloads

Solution:  Contact us to let us know that you are having difficulty, so we can reset your downloads and help you solve your issue.

Problem:  My download window has expired - I've waited too long.

Solution:  We can extend your download window if you contact us to do so.