Making Things Better: Anger and Communication Workshop, London


Anger and communication blow-ups are common for couples impacted by ADHD, who are typically quite different from each other in backgrounds and skillsets. This hands-on workshop focuses on improving communication around difficult topics and anger.  The goals of the workshop are to help couples:

  • Cope more ably with anger from their partner
  • Identify and better manage anger in themselves
  • Improve communication skills with specific strategies shown to work for couples impacted with ADHD, for more constructive conversations
  • Improve emotional self-control
  • Develop a personal plan for how to better manage anger and communication which couples can build upon after completing the workshop

This fast-paced workshop is packed with expert information and opportunities for personalized learning.  The workshop will combine:

  • small sections of lecture to lay out the most common issues
  • participant discussion of how this relates to their own situation
  • specific, personal exercises targeted to improving communication around anger, monitored by the faculty for guidance
  • discussion of learning
  • hands on practice of skills designed to improve how you manage and communicate around anger
  • recap of the most important points from the participants in the room'
  • time for questions and discussion of your issues.


Melissa Orlov is a top expert in how ADHD impacts couples.  She is the author of two award-winning books on the topic, counsels couples, and teaches therapists around the world how to work with couples impacted by ADHD.  She is the founder of, and is in London to speak at the UKAAN 7th Congress for therapists.

Karen Doherty is an individual, couples and psychosexual therapist who frequently works with adults impacted by ADHD and Aspergers.  She was trained at the TCCR in London, and practices in London and Brighton.

Date & Location

The workshop is held on Sunday, September 24, from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Limited to a maximum of 13 couples

The Avonmouth House
6 Avonmouth St.
London, SE1 6NX

Near Waterloo Station; Elephant & Castle; Borough; and Southwark.  Map with more information about transportation.

Registration and Tuition

Tuition is $450 per couple, and includes coffee, lunch, and afternoon cakes.  Our registration system will automatically translate the cost to pounds for you.

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Refund policy:  We offer 100% refunds through September 1; $100 fee subtracted September 2 - 19..  No refunds after midnight, September 19th.