New Course - Mindfulness Made Simple

An introduction to mindfulness specifically designed for couples impacted by ADHD...

Research clearly shows that learning mindfulness can be an effective way to manage the symptoms of ADHD.  It can also be a great way for partners of adults with ADHD to learn to respond more beneficially to their own frustrations and experiences.  I'm excited to introduce this course, developed by mindfulness expert Joanne Spence specifically for couples impacted by ADHD (see her bio here).  Mindfulness Made Easy is a 4-week, experiential course designed for partners to take together or individually.  By phone...from anywhere...under Joanne's live (and very personable) guidance.  With audio and video support between sessions to help you develop mindfulness skills.

What could be easier or better?

How it Works

Mindfulness Made Easy will help you to become conscious of your movement and breathing patterns.  Once observing your movement and breathing patterns becomes second nature to you, then you can decide if your thoughts and physical experiences are helpful for you or not – are they serving you any more? Then, you will have the knowledge and experience to change the patterns if you want to. 

How does this happen?   First, a little movement can help release tension in the body or highlight where you might be holding tension.  Then, slowing down movement, and slowing and noticing one’s breath, help one to tap into something researchers call “the Relaxation Response”, not coincidentally the name of a best-selling book written in 1975 by Dr. Herb Benson. 

Today, we understand that this relaxation response involves activating the parasympathetic nervous system - PNS for short.  The PNS may be more familiar to you as the “rest and digest” system.  The entire human Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is comprised of the PNS and the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), the latter also being known as the “fight or flight” system.  Sometimes we get “stuck” in this “fight or flight” system (SNS) even after the stressor or stimulus is no longer present.  However, something as simple as a slow inhale and exhale through the nose can achieve the goal of activating the PNS, resulting in the body giving the brain the all-clear message that “the-danger-is-gone-and-you-can-now-relax”.  It's a great way to start to respond to the stress that you may be feeling in your relationship, making your days easier, your choices a bit more conscious, and your feelings more positive.

In Mindfulness Made Easy you will add to your growing toolkit of relational skills by:

  • Improving self-regulation
  • Learning why noticing your breath can shift your mood
  • Starting to reconnect with yourself and your partner by using simple breathing exercises
  • Practicing supportive, non-threatening, non-sexual touch exercises
  • Finding out how the body influences the mind
  • Learning how a mindfulness practice will enhance the skills learned in Melissa’s courses

Course Details

The way to learn mindfulness is to do it.  These four weeks will involve experiential learning.  Each session will be given by phone, and will last sixty minutes.  Sessions will include:

  • Gentle seated movement
  • Simple breathing practices both individually and with your partner (but can be done alone if your partner is not participating)
  • Ways to connect with your body and get out of your mind or away from negative thoughts
  • 15 minutes for comments and questions

Between sessions you will be provided with information to help you practice new mindfulness skills in video and audio formats, as well as information about the neuroscience behind mindfulness.  Sessions will be recorded for those who miss one and need to keep up.

No previous experience in mindfulness is necessary to participate and grasp the basics of this course.

Tuition, Syllabus and Course Dates

Tuition for the mindfulness course is $129 per couple for the 4 sessions and includes video/audio practice support between sessions.

The one hour live sessions are given by phone, and begin at 8:00 pm Eastern Time.  New Dates TBD

Session 1  What is Mindfulness?  An introduction to, and definition of, mindfulness.

Session 2  Mindfulness as a Superpower:  Building Up Your Self-Regulation Skills

Session 3  How to Keep up Your Practice

Session 4   Review and Resources

If you’re still not sure, go to this link for a short, informal video from me about why Joanne created Mindfulness Made Easy with you in mind.  (Note, she calls this a self-study course in the video, but she will be live, working with you and answering your questions on every call!)


Registration is now open and is limited to 20 couples.  Contact Melissa if you cannot make this session but would like to be notified as future sessions are scheduled.

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While this is a brand new course offering, this is what others say about Joanne’s teaching:

“Joanne is as insightful and sensitive as she is authentic and direct. Her ability to be both inclusive and in charge is at the source of her efficacy and success as a leader. A gifted teacher and trainer, Joanne masterfully engages students in alive learning, while she effortlessly commands both respect and love from her students.”

Leah Kalish, CEO, Move-with-Me Yoga Adventures, CA


“Seeing yoga practiced by students at the Rankin Promise Program is a great sight to see, especially with some of the situations and circumstances that our kids come from. There are no hardcore or tough guy images being displayed. The students are having fun and enjoying their time practicing yoga. I've heard students say, "Is the yoga lady coming today?" and "I like that yoga stuff."”

LaMont Lyons, Principal, Rankin Promise Program, Rankin, PA