Foundations in Habit Development

Get into Action!

Overview - Build Habits that Last

This special series is for ADHD partners who have completed The ADHD Effect Couples' Seminar with Melissa Orlov.

The Foundations in Habit Development (FHD) Group Coaching is designed to help solidify the changes you have started to make and want to firm up.  Finding this to be a challenge?  New habits take up to three times longer to develop with ADHD in the mix. Executive Function challenges disrupt the ability to convert useful information and new learning into new habits. FHD, with certified Executive ADHD coach and trainer Cameron Gott, provides the right mix of information and positive support to lay the groundwork for effective change.

The program, run over two months, includes:

  • A Proven Strengths-based Coaching Process that emphasizes a balance of action and learning
  • A Cutting Edge ADHD Model to better understand your unique ADHD experience
  • A Practice Framework utilizing Melissa’s Three Legged Stool of ADHD Management model including communicating more effectively with your partner
  • A Small Group Format that promotes individual attention and a wealth of collective wisdom
  • Follow-Up Accountability Sessions embedded in the 8 meetings to solidify new habit development skills

*If you wish to be notified of future ADHD coaching groups (and have taken the ADHD Effect Couples Seminar), please contact Melissa.


Cam Gott, a thought leader in positive accountability, has a 20+ year history of effectively using coaching techniques to support some of the most successful professionals and entrepreneurs challenged by ADHD.  Cam's focus is supporting clients to make the changes they want to make - and help them create the systems and emotional structure that makes those changes stick using his AEC model for change.  He teaches other coaching for several organizations, and hosts the podcast Translating ADHD.  More on Cameron Gott here.

Logistics and Dates

8 consecutive 75 minute sessions

75 minute Tele-Classes (a mix of instruction, discussion, coaching, designing actions and accountability)

Dates and times for upcoming groups:

        -  Spring, May 2024 Group: May 8, 2024 - June 26, 2024 (WEDNESDAY evenings) - REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!
            Time: 8:00 - 9:15 pm Eastern Time

        -  Winter, January 2024 Group: January 30, 2024 - March 19, 2024 (TUESDAY evenings) - FULL
       Time: 8:30 - 9:45 pm Eastern Time

Pricing and Registration

This class is limited to 10 individuals.

The registration fee for the Foundations in Habit Development Group Coaching is $485.

The registration fee includes:

  • 8 tele-classes
  • Built-in accountability sessions
  • Accountability fieldwork for habit building
  • A unique, tested teaching process


*Note: Only ADHD partners who have completed The ADHD Effect Couples Seminar can register for this group.

Spring, May 2024 Group: May 8, 2024 - June 26, 2024 (WEDNESDAY evenings)

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Registration has now closed for the Winter, January 2024 Group.

*If you wish to be notified about future ADHD coaching groups (and have taken the ADHD Effect Couples Seminar), please contact Melissa.

Refund policy:  Full refunds are offered up to 24 hours before the start of the program.


"Since the class ended, I've been really successful in maintaining most of the habits I was hoping to lock in. It feels amazing! It's helped lay a foundation that's enabling me to change the arc I was on. My depression has been steadily lifting, my relationship with my wife has been improving, my self-confidence has been building, and my ability to be reflectively aware during different stages of tasks has also grown."

"I found his approach to coaching us very calming and positive."

"Cam's no-nonsense, practical approach has helped me take a more proactive role in managing my ADHD both at work and at home."

"My partner took this course and it has really made a difference.  Yay!"

"Being held accountable by coming in to the group each week to discuss progress etc. was very helpful for me.  I am now better able to translate my ADHD, which helps. I'm also pleased to have the course focus me in on ME and not my partner, reminding me to focus on what I control."

"To have a group of people that are all fighting the same issues and feeling the same way really helped me understand what I was doing...It was sort of like looking and listening to myself talk, but hiving the different perspectives was very helpful in understanding how I act and react with people and with my wife."