Non-ADHD Partner Support Groups


There's a lot to work through and think about when you are married to a partner with ADHD.  These support groups for non-ADHD partners are given by Zoom and led by Melissa Orlov, Rachel Ban and Julie Heflin.  Each session focuses on one or two topics a week that are chosen by group members for in-depth exploration.  Participants support each other, explore their biggest issues and most pressing problems, and get advice from the group leader - and from each other - each week.  The objectives of the support group are to: have you be part of a community of people exploring similar issues; learn from each other's successes and struggles; and find new, more effective ways to be your best self in your relationship.  Group leaders and other group participants will help you develop strategies for finding satisfaction and happiness.


The groups are run via Zoom video call and last one hour.  The group itself, or the group leader, picks a topic for the day, or requests the group discuss a recent development in one person's life.  The groups are limited to 9 participants - enough people to get a good conversation going, but not so many that you can't speak up.  It will be recorded for the confidential use of participants in case they have a conflict.  Note that dates may change.


The next support groups will be in January, 2023.  Registration will open November 2.


January, 2023 Support Groups:

MONDAY, 10AM EASTERN will meet on seven Monday mornings on the following dates:  January 30, Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27, March 6, 13. Led by Rachel Ban

MONDAY, 11:30AM EASTERN will meet on seven Monday mornings on the following dates:  January 30, Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27, March 6, 13. Led by Rachel Ban  (FULL)

MONDAY, 7:30PM EASTERN will meet on seven Monday evenings on the following dates:  January 9, (holiday break), 23, 30, Feb. 6, 13, (holiday break), 27, March 6 Led by Melissa Orlov (FULL)

TUESDAY, 3PM EASTERN will meet on seven Tuesday afternoons on the following dates:  January 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb 7, 14, 21.  Led by Melissa Orlov (FULL)

TUESDAY, 4:30PM EASTERN will meet on seven Tuesday afternoons on the following dates:  January 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb 7, 14, 21. Led by Melissa Orlov (FULL)

TUESDAY, 7:00PM EASTERN will meet on seven Tuesday evenings on the following dates: January 10, 17, 24 (break), Feb. 7, (break for Valentine's) 21, March 7, 14  Led by Melissa Orlov (FULL)

THURSDAY, 11:00AM EASTERN will meet on seven Thursday mornings on the following dates:  January 12, 19, 26, Feb. 9, 16, 23, March 2.  Led by Melissa Orlov (FULL). 

THURSDAY, 11:30AM EASTERN will meet on seven Thursday mornings on the following dates:  February 2, 9, 16, 23, March 2, 9, 16. Led by Rachel Ban


Melissa Orlov is one of the most respected experts in how ADHD impacts relationships in the world, known for her practical, even-handed approach to how to overcome the struggles of ADHD-impacted relationships and is the author of two award-winning books, The ADHD Effect on Marriage and The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD.  She has been a marriage consultant since 2007 and is known for the quality of her seminars and support.  For more information see the 'About' section or her CV.

Rachel Ban is a couples therapist well versed in the issues that those impacted by ADHD face.  She is a calm voice for those seeking to stabilize their lives.  You will find her compassionate approach to your issues soothing.  You can read more about her background at the 'About' page.

Julie Heflin has a masters in mental health and personal, as well as professional, experience working with adults with ADHD.  You will find her a nimble, calm, and attentive presence in discussions around the issues that non-ADHD partners face in their relationships.  For more information, see the 'About' section.

Registration and refund policy

A 7-week session costs $259.  Groups are limited to 9 people.

We will remove the registration button when the group is full.  Registration begins November 2, 2022.

Monday, 10am Eastern (Rachel Ban)


Monday, 11:30am Eastern (Rachel Ban)


Monday, 7:30pm Eastern (Melissa Orlov)


Tuesday, 3:00pm Eastern (Melissa Orlov)


Tuesday, 4:30pm Eastern (Melissa Orlov)


Tuesday, 7pm Eastern (Melissa Orlov)


Thursday, 11:00am Eastern (Melissa Orlov)


Thursday, 11:30am Eastern (Rachel Ban)


Full refunds are provided up until 48 hours before the sessions begin.



Testimonials about Non-ADHD Support Groups

"It's been so valuable to hear everyone's perspective..."

"This group has been so supportive and validating.  I've found the insight and ideas really helpful, and being heard is wonderful."

"The group gave me more hope, and the energy to continue the work I know I need to do to improve my marriage."

"It can be lonely living with an ADHD partner.  This group has been an invaluable source of comfort."

"The non-ADHD partner support group helped me come back from the brink of divorce and reclaim a loving relationship. Being in conversation with Melissa and with other people navigating similar challenges helped me not only better understand my partner and how ADHD impacted our marriage, but more importantly, understand what I was doing to trigger our tensions and how I could let go of control and show up more powerfully in our marriage. I am sure I will continue to draw on the wisdom and insights from these groups for years to come."

"We were in a tough place...I couldn't wait until Thursday nights."

"Not feeling so crazy anymore!"

"A comfort.  Thanks to everyone for the openness and validation!"

"It helps me do better with what I'm working on."