What is Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS)?

What is LENS?

LENS is an advanced brainwave biofeedback system for the brain. It is an FDA-certified system that provides non-invasive feedback. There are no shocks or needles involved.  It is painless and drug-free way of improving your quality of life – your sleep, mood, energy, clarity and ability to manage stress.
Fatigue, distractibility, moodiness, headaches and anxiety can affect your ability to think, interact effectively and get things done. LENS can significantly improve these symptoms. Compared with other neurofeedback systems, LENS takes less time and requires no effort or attention from the client.  (see www.ochslabs.com

How does LENS work?

LENS is a safe, but powerful way of normalizing and optimizing brain wave patterns. It operates on an electromagnetic field of energy. A brainwave is a stream of electrical pulses that govern behavior. If the pattern is too slow, one may feel foggy, fatigued and depressed. If the pattern is too fast, one may experience anxiety and sleep problems. A functional brainwave pattern is one that is flexible and responsive to the various demands of everyday life.
With LENS the client’s brain wave activity or EEG is monitored. A frequency is added to the client’s EEG that is slightly different and fed back to the brain. The brain notices the dissonance and adjusts to the new pattern. New patterns of responding from subtle to very noticeable are reflected in better sleep, mood, energy, clarity and or emotional control. Most clients only require one hour session per week. The average number of sessions is fifteen.

Who can benefit from LENS?

Ages 10+ with a history of ADHD, head injury, anxiety/mood disorders, migraines, Lyme’s disease, and stroke can be helped with LENS. 

What are the results?

Clients routinely report greatly reduced anxiety, more balanced moods, greater energy, improved awareness, clarity, better sleep and emotional control. LENS is not for everyone, and we are able to determine early on if LENS will be helpful.

Can I receive reimbursement from my insurance?

Depending on your policy and past outcomes with more traditional medical approaches you may be able to recover some if not all of the cost. 
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