What Therapists Say About This Course

"Very informative presentations given by masters in the field of ADD/ADHD, with information, suggestions and interventions that were immediately applicable. A very worthwhile program to have taken."
          -Diana Appell, LICSW, LMFT

"This course provides the best in research and strategies for helping couples not only survive but thrive with ADD. Melissa Orlov offers a positive, evenhanded approach filled with empathy and respect for couples and their struggles. A highly professional and engaging webinar that equips therapists with practical tools and strategies in addition to theory."
          -Jennifer Woods Parker, LICSW

"With all of the knowledge and experience that I have with ADHD, treating people with ADHD and having it myself, I found the course to be very organized and to the point with tools and strategies that I can immediately take to my clinic and utilize. It was very much up to date and a great use of re-framing the tools and use of experts as well as addressing all perspectives. I would recommend it to even those who know everything, because it is great to get the whole picture."
          -Dr. Billi Bittan

"Even having worked with adults with ADHD for many years, the information from The ADHD Effect on Couples CE Phone Seminar provided invaluable information to enhance my practice. I am now better prepared to help couples where one or both partners have ADHD."
          -Julia Frishtick, MSW, LCSW

"FABULOUS! In depth, delivered in a very articulate and clear manner; allowed involvement of participants in a learning setting.  Melissa Orlov's course (and book) address issues that are likely to go unaddressed in therapy. Adult ADHD effects on marriages is huge and this most often is ignored, leaving couples to struggle on their own. Every mental health professional needs to read Orlov's book. Too many marriages are failing because mental health professionals are unaware of what Orlov knows---and writes about in her book and teaches in her phone courses. These are marriages that do NOT need to fail....Her phone courses (one for couples and one for therapists) are superb!"
          -Sarah L. Sommers, MSW, LCSW

"The course provided excellent information and resources to work most effectively with couples and partners with ADHD and their relationships. The information and resources were readily applicable in my practice with couples and partners with ADHD."
          -Bruce Sandy, M.P.A (H.S.A.), CPCC, APCG, PCC

"Practical and hands-on, this course uniquely addresses ADHD treatment from a dynamic systems and contextual perspective. Offers the latest treatment info from some of the best experts in the field. Includes specific strategies and techniques for assisting couples who are living with ADHD characteristics in their marriage and family -- helpful for anyone living in relationship with ADHD.

I liked the combination of presenters' expertise and styles - it was a multi-perspective, interesting and useful series. NOTE, the spacing & pacing of Melissa's sessions, interspersed with other presenters (including additional Questions evening on Thursday) nicely brought all together into a very usable and practical as well as information-rich package."
          -Sharon Stewart, MFT and Coach

"I have read most of the books available on treating ADHD couples. Melissa's book far exceeds the others. It is written so professionals can use it to guide their work but it it written with such clarity and simplicity that couples can easily use it as well. This course helped operationalize the strategies and steps outlined in the Orlov book. Ned and Sue Hallowell's insights and approach were reaffirming and Kevin Murpy provided greatly needed facts about ADHD. In all it was a well rounded course. All presenters were clearly enthusiastic and dedicated to their work with ADHD and their commitment to educating others."
          -Lois Callahan-Moore, MSW

"This course provided a flexible way to learn about working with couples with ADHD that suited my personal schedule. The instructors were knowledgeable and provide substantive content and practical information. Thank you."
          -Robbie Babins-Wagner, MSW, PhD (candidate)

"I am learning a lot from the seminar, I had already read the books, but hearing you and the rest of the experts fill out the "nooks and crannies" of the information is very helpful.  The anecdotes are especially helpful to remembering the information and gaining greater insight."
          -Abigail Wurf, M.Ed, CLC

100% of participants who have taken the course say they would recommend it to a professional colleague.