1. Uncoachable kids become unemployable adults. We all know someone who is unable to keep a job. Nine times out of ten each tim

1. Uncoachable kids become unemployable adults. We all know someone who is unable to keep a job. Nine times out of ten each time they get “fired” or “let go” it was someone else’s fault, they cannot get along with management or they do what they want to when they want to do it. This person was most likely one of the kids who refused to take direction, who did not play well in teams, or just did what they wanted and it was allowed. Sadly, this is something that starts in childhood. I encourage you to let your children be coached and/or instructed by other adults so they get used to it. This is a MAJOR part of life."


I saw the above come thru my Facebook Newsfeed and it really hit home.  H comes from a family where the men have been largely under-employed or under-earners...with the exception of my H.  H is the only male in his family that played team sports, so he did get used to being told what to do from "authority figures."   His father and his brothers never played team sports beyond very low level little league, where true coaching doesn't exist.   H's dad couldn't "hack it" working for a corporation, so he bailed early.  He hated being told what to do.  He hated being told that he was expected to meet certain benchmarks, etc.   So, he quit.   This was at a time when men knew that they HAD to support their families, so he started his own business in the same field that, at the time, was historically very lucrative.  Because he was so lousy at it, he only made a very modest living....by default...by just showing up.   


I wonder how differently H's dad and brothers would be, employment-wise, if they had been "coached kids".   I wonder how many here who rightfully complain that their partners are unemployed or under-employed are dealing with former "uncoachable kids."