12-Steps Programs?

I'm curious to know if anyone else has participated in 12-steps programs related to or helpful to ADHD?

I have some personal experience with AlAnon in the past, and I found the 12-steps resonated with me. As part of taking Melissa's course with my wife, the necessary self-examination triggered memories of working the 12-steps and the healing found there. When I pulled out some of the old workbooks, and read old notes, its staggering how the things affecting me then are still in orbit. I've started rereading the workbooks, looking for books more likely to be useful in dealing with ADHD, and considering finding or founding a local meeting to work the system. What I haven't found is any links from CHADD, or other ADD focused groups pointing to 12-steps. I'm curious to know if anyone else has connected these, and whether you've heard of groups that work the steps as focused on ADHD instead of alcohol or gambling? 

On the core topic of hope, the epiphany about returning to "recovery" has been liberating for me to consider that an endless fight of (my) ego over neurology (both of our brains) is a self-defeating and destructive process. I have hope now that the serenity, strength and wisdom learned in the steps can end the negative cycles, heal what has gone wrong, and enable me to a better human-being/husband/father/coach/manager.