THAT is what husband's 2 week paycheck was today!!!! He has dug himself in such a hole. That total amounted to 3 days of work which should have been 10 days and there's 3 more days that SHOULD be on there because he told me he went to work but he just drove around until I left for work myself and then came home. He had $270 taken out for child support, another $35 for cafeteria (bring your damn lunch!) and they couldn't even take out the $130 they do every paycheck for his loans because he didn't have enough. He has also been having this garnishment from whatever from years ago taken out and that usually amounts to over $100 but couldn't take that out either. Every paycheck he has $25 go into his savings and the rest into his checking. His paycheck showed NOTHING into checking and the $14.81 into savings!

Meanwhile, I got my monthly check which amounted to about $3600. Already paid off $1500 in mortgage and other bills that are due. I can't save anything because every last penny I make goes to paying for everything he can't. I pay an extra at least $1200 a month to cover his share. He won't be helping with his share of ANYTHING. On top of his crappy check he's got 2 credit cards to pay off and student loans. His daughter is coming to visit this weekend. Let me guess, he'll put her train fare on one of his credit cards and then treat her to a magical dinner of sushi with his credit card. I used to have such a nest egg built up before I met him. Now it is trickling away. Oh he will promise me he'll make it up to me and that he won't miss out on work anymore. Right. Maybe not this month but his FMLA starts fresh again tomorrow so he can take another 4 days off without pay in May. His vacation gets renewed on May 23 and you can be darn sure that day (which is the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend) will be taken off along with Friday and his vacation will be totally used up by August and he'll be back to days off without pay. Oh but he assures me it will all be good because he gets a $12/hr raise next month and we'll just be "rolling" in it. Wanna bet?