2 years married with a lifetime of ADHD

I have been married to my husband for 2 years and we have dated for almost 6 years. We have a wonderful step-daughter from his previous relationship she is 6. We have her every other week. He really tries during the week we have our daughter, but I still feel as if I Amin charge of all the household obligations. ( washing clothes, cooking every night, helping with HW, and getting things together on a daily basis) I am the first to rise and get the day going. He can sleep through 20 alarms lol. When I ask for help he fights back and says I would just correct him for not doing the task properly. ( this is untrue) I might have suggested that laundry doesn't need to sit in the washing machine, but that's pretty much the typical stuff I would add and I don't do it often. My husband loves to start projects and never finishes. I am always left to clean up. I've tried leaving it, but after days I go back and take care of the mess. He is on the highest dose of adderall possible, yet he still can't accomplish tasks at home. He is very aggregated if I bring up compromises to work and belittles me for being honest about how I feel when I say that I need help or feel alone. He is glued to his phone all the time and I just feel lonely. I end up taking on more than I should to avoid his confrontation. I want to talk and work through things, but instead I overlook just to keep peace. I'm tired of going to bed alone and fed up with his drinking so he can feel at ease. He isn't violent or full of rage, but he drinks too much and can't live without me.. His human alarm clock. Any advice would be helpful.