20/20 hindsight...just exited a relationship that I thought had potential

Can use some insight here. I'm in the process of recovering from a relationship from a guy that mentioned he had add in the beginning of the relationship. I figured it was issues with focus with work & whatnot...boy was I wrong. This site has helped me tremendously to better understand what has really happened the past several months and that I'm not crazy. Experienced the hyper focus in the beginning it was very extreme. But I was overly cautious and wanted to pace myself throughout the entire relationship and he felt like I rejected him constantly. Said the "I love yous" after we were dating for about a week and marriage was being brought up from him around that time also. He is divorced with children so I wanted to pace myself for that reason as well. He had emotional affairs that he told me were a part of his past and he blamed the marriage for it (red flag I know) and come to find out recently he got caught up in the flirtations again so I ended the relationship. He feels horrible for what he has done and is seriously seeking counsel to defeat this area of his life so I applaud him for that. He gets extremely combative with his family and blamed everyone else for his problems (and I took it hook line and sinker) for the victim mentality instead of taking responsibility for his mistakes to bring about true change of character and maturity. At first we were supposed to take a break for him to continue counsel but the way things have been unraveling I might have to officially call it quits. In one week I received emails or texts of him apologizing profusely and saying I deserve another man to treat me better, says he shouldn't date for a long time until he gets these issues sorted out, he feels like there is hope for us, the several I miss yous, back to I deserve another man to treat me better, then taking a break like originally planned. I can't help but feel he is only in the hyper focus stage again for him to get what he wants. I have not responded to him out of haste or anger; I have been incredibly calm throughout this entire scenario and I thank God for that because I know my words would have made this so much worse and I didn't want to leave a negative impact of regrets on my part. I am so emotionally exhausted and saddened how distorted his perception really is and I absolutely cannot be co-dependent to this type of relationship that keeps unraveling into further confusion. I had no idea how much the add played a role in this until after the split; once I started to do my research it's like a bomb of 20/20 hindsight went off & my eyes have been officially opened because it explains his personality accurately. There have been so many times he would say things without thinking first that came across pushy and insensitive; especially recently because he isn't getting what he wants from me not responding and keeping my boundaries in tact. Any feedback would be appreciated here; I'm not trying to place judgment or point fingers I seriously considered marriage with this guy and no telling what is going to unravel after this break so I can use as much wisdom as possible from people here who are more "seasoned" in this type of relationship. Thanks & God bless