3 day weekend and not one yard project worked on!

I am REALLY getting tired of every weekend going by and not one of several yard projects even getting touched. The big thing is this fire pit that H has been talking about doing for 6 months. He got bricks to pave the area around it back in February and they have been sitting killing our grass since then. He killed off the grass for where the pit is going to go back in April and we now have a 10' x 10' area of dead grass just waiting to be dug up. He keeps saying he needs to rent a sod cutter from Home Depot, but since they rent for the day we need to get going early to get it. Great! I don't have a problem getting up at 6AM to get started but he can't get up before 8AM and then he needs about 2 hours to drink his coffee and hang on his computer to "wake up" and then he needs to make breakfast and by that time it's 11AM and it's too late to rent one so we'll do it tomorrow and he goes and plays his video game all day. Well tomorrow it never happens. Then he talked about borrowing a guy's cutter from down the street but doesn't really want to do that either because he doesn't want to get too friendly with them. Every day last week I heard about how he just needs to get this done and how it's really driving him crazy that the pit isn't finished yet. We had a 3 day weekend to work on this and probably could have had the whole thing dug out, leveled, gravel brought in and bricks laid, but nooooooo. Friday was chill lout day and prepare for fireworks and Saturday was recovery day but he swore Sunday was going to be work day. Nope. I even asked him on Saturday night "So what are we going ot do tomorrow?" He replied with "Nothing". I said "I thought we were going to do some kind of project this weekend?" He says "Well did you want to work on the tool shed then?" I said yes. This simply is putting up a canopy next to the house with some shelves so we can store all our tools back there. Nope. The only thing he did all day is sit on his computer and play his video game. I told him about noon that the grass needed to be mowed and he said he'd do it when the sun went down a bit. Well it got to be 5:30 and seeing as how he hadn't done anything yard wise all day and just sat in the computer room I figured that probably wasn't going to happen so I went out and did it. He got all mad at me because he SAID he'd do it in the evening. I am not going to sit around and twiddle my thumbs wanting something to do and hoping that you WILL do this later so I just did it. I'm sure about 8PM he would have said to me "Well it's getting kind of late so I'll just do it when I get home from work tomorrow" which of course wouldn't happen either.

Not only does he talk about a fire pit, but also about putting up posts around it and hanging hammocks and planting bushes. He talks about putting in a new gate door and staining the gate. He talks about putting in a koi pond. He talks about the tool shed. He talks about a deck. He talks about making planter boxes. Not one of these things has been done. He loves to talk about all he's going to do and draw it out on paper, but it never goes any further than that. Back in January he moved a shelf that held a microwave and said he wanted to put recessed lights there instead and make the area underneath a butcher block so he tore off the backsplash and went to go look at wood for the butcher block. He hadn't measured it so said he would do that and then go back the next day and get wood for it. He never went back and anytime I bring up how ugly that looks now because it's all torn up he goes "I know...stop nagging me about it. I'm still thinking about how to get it done" I thought you had it all figured out 6 months ago! Who knows how long that is going to sit untouched.

It's very frustrating and I am about to suggest he call a professional to get this fire pit done. He just has no motivation to even go to Home Depot to get what he needs for it and always says that he'll do it next weekend, which doesn't happen. It was supposed to be done so we could enjoy it during the summer. He said in mid May that he wouldn't have a problem finishing it by early June. Well it's early July and not one thing on it has been done!