40 years of lies !!!!!!!

Hi this is my first post.

My wife has been researching ADHD in adults for the past year when she saw that I scores high on every question in an ADHD test. since that year has passed she has looked into iot more.

On Friday we had a massive row and I walked out for half an hour ans she asked me to look on this web site, within and hour I had downloaded the book and started reading it.

The next morning I was a mess. I felt like my life had been a lie! what could I achieve if I was not like this, I am 50 and even in my old school reports you can see the signs. I was very upset as my late father thought I was just rubbish with money ....... I am now  finding that I can connect the ADHD to many many parts of my life, why I cant give up smoking and am always trying to.....

My use of cannabis and trying to explain to friends and family that I only do it late in the night ( 10:30 - 11:30) so I can chill and concentrate on a film or music.

I have this morning approached my doctor but they said we will do bloods first and that I will have to wait a week to take blood and then a few more days for the results. I am living away from my wife and kids ( around the corner) and can plainly see I have this and really want to invest in whatever is needed to help me. I am also angry as I could have  and will be so much  better at being a husband, and in my work, how I have held down my job all this while I will never know.

So I am in the the UK and if there is anyone who knows where else I can get help here that would be so good to hear.



You can't change the past,

You can't change the past, but you have the power to make the rest of your life more fulfilling for you and your family. I can understand your anger. I've often wondered what life would have been like had my husband gotten his ADHD under control years ago. (he still doesn't) I am amazed by your willingness to embrace this and deal with it. So many people languish in denial. Don't waste another moment! carpe diem!

Thanks for your

Thanks for your comments.

Well I have taken the plunge and seen my Doctor only to be given the std answer of we will take bloods first and see......so I wet back yesterday as I was not happy with that and hit another dead end. I am now going to try and get my diagnosis privatly and then I hope my doctors will sit up and take notice.

I know that there are things I can do now but am holding off as I am worried that I wont get a diagnosis, as soon as I get that I will be TRYING to stick to a routine of fish oil and excercise to start with....

I not only want to do this for me but really want to do it for my wife who has helped me so much this seems the best Way I can repay her.