This 57 Year Old Lady Earned Her College Degree

While I've taken time to be away from this forum, I graduated from college.  I started classes in January 2012 on the business track, then shifted to follow my passion - children.  This May, I graduated and took that stroll down the aisle to receive my diploma. . . . . . . exactly 40 years after I took the stroll down the aisle to receive my high school diploma. Cool.

I earned my degree in Early Childhood Education..  To my delight and utter amazement, prior to graduation I was offered a job at the school where I did my student teaching.  Even without having achieved my licensure.  Yep, I was offered a foot in the door to the school system, while I spend the next few months working on attaining my license.

Gosh, no pounding the pavement, sending out resumes, and going to countless interviews.  I was told she watched me during visits to the school during my student teaching, and what she saw was better than any answers I could give to questions in an interview.  Yep, a tad of feeling very content and proud of my accomplishments.

Random 'Life' lesson I  learned:  A 57 year old woman with her first college degree can get a job.  Some qualifications, other than teaching skills include:

  • She has a lot of life's lessons already under her belt.
  • She has a dependable car.
  • She will, most probably, not need maternity leave.  :)

Monday is my first day on the job.

Content with my path,