7000 miles faraway from my ADHD and addict husband...need disperate help

Hello everyone,my name is Andreea Wardally and I discovered just 1 month a go that my husband have ADHD.We are separated right now because my work and documents for USA  by 7000 miles,I'm stuck in Italy (ROME),he is Florida.WE have to deal not just with 6 hours of difference  but as well with ADHD that he keep secret from the beginning and alcohol problems.One month a go his hyper focus attention  in US start to get low. Loosing  control of everything,dealing with his moods up and down,lies to cover his movements,talking about depression. In one of those moments ,thinking just at the distance between us i asked him what is really happening he said my mind is playing with me ,u know I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2012 after my father died but I don't belive in all this,I'm OK. I feel that betrayed because he didn't spoke from the beginning,underestimating the impact that can have in his future marriage.I start my researchers about what this means. Never had to do it,already difficult because of the  difference we have to deal with,like language  (I'm sorry if some of my words are not correct,is the third language I speak)and culture.I discovered so information that I have to asimilate,understand and to present all to him as well explaining how important is to work as a team to make things easier for him and our future as well.But I didn't have the time..unfortunately are 5 days he cutt off our communication,he stopped going to work and start to drink as well.I feel lost,stuck on another continent because my work,not a single way to get in contact with him.Calling every day my mother in law that live with him..this is the way I found he stop work and start drinking and acting strange..she asked me what to do???And I wish I could have an answer from the other side of the world,but I don't.Please someone out there can help me with some advice?