My wife called me to tell me she wanted us to take on a project I want go into the specifics, but just let me say it was people related, and would definitely call for commitment of time and energy. So as she is relaying all her desires and expectations for me, to me. I couldn't help but think, her we go again....Anyway, I declined, she wasn't very happy about it...So, I would like to run it by you guys...This is my note to her concerning this incident and my request to her about future endeavor she wants us to take on.

In the future when you decide to take on a project/task for us. When you share your idea's with me concerning it. I would appreciate it if you would start off by telling me how you intend to work, support, and be responsible to the endeavor. Verses starting off like you did by telling me what your expectations are for me. I will be glad to respond to you with my thoughts and feeling regarding your project at that time.

Does this sound reasonable?