Act Before it's Too Late

For all the ADHD spouses reading this, please listen. If you have it, think you have it, or just show the traits, please don't wait to make things right.  Explain what you're going through to your spouse and ask for patience and empathy. See, I didn't do that. It's going to cost me my beautiful wife and two kids. Sure they're not gone, but those bonds are. Our brains are different, not worse, just different. Do nice things for your spouse, break the cycle of bickering and fighting. Learn to stop and think things through. People can only take so much and no one deserves to be put through emotional neglect. Women deserve to feel loved and beautiful. I neglected my wife, no nights out, no love notes, (keep dry-erase markers by the bathroom mirror! LOL!) no making dinner for her, and no compliments... It's not that I didn't love her, its just her brain told her that I didn't. Actions speak louder than words. I stopped doing chores and hated handy work around the house because I had no idea what I was doing. Of course, I could never tell her this, so I ignored it and she started the nagging and I started withdrawing. I'd make plans to golf, play basketball or go to the gym. I put up a fight to even go out in public for easy things like going to the pumpkin patch or mall. Now I'm paying for it. Inside I feel like a "regular" guy but this is my 2nd divorce so I had to take action. I'm in therapy and have started taking Ritalin.  Now my thoughts are in order, but she's done, she's been through too much. In a way I can't blame her. So, please please please take action before it's too late. Sure, now you think, "I wouldn't mind getting divorced, I can do it, it would be great," but it sucks and I've lost a friend.