An act of kindness returned.

Today, my H got me a glass of ice water to drink after my workout.  I didnt ask for it, I didnt expect it.  It was "flowers received, versus flowers requested" as Audrey Hepburn would say.  It was a kind aknowledgement to the hard work I am doing on my self.


A small gesture that means so much in its generosity.


Today, for the first time since he last went to cross fit, my H also got up and worked out.  He got on the elliptical and put in 20 minutes of HARD interval training.  He did this AFTER working hard in the yard, and washing the windows. He powered through it, and he sweat, and while he had to slow down a couple of times to catch his breath - he never stepped of the machine.  He put his all into it.  He DID it.  I am very proud of him.  I wanted to show my appreciation of him taking care of himself by refilling his water glass and putting more ice in it. 


A small gesture, to show I don't hate him.  I WANT him to win.  I hope he gets up there again tomorrow.  I hope tonight he enjoys his accomplishment and feels good about himself.  I hope he jumps in the pool and pretends to be a fish and just is a little kid for a bit.  I hope that he finds who he really is just for a little while.