ADD and career as a woman

I have been diagnosed with ADD for 8 years. I just finished watching the Dr. Phil Show and Dr. Hallowell mentioned how ADD can be actually beneficial for career. My problem is, I do not seem to be able to stick to long to one work. I learned in a bank for 2 years, then quit there to go and do university studies. In the six years I studied I was also getting my diagnose - I changed three times the subjects I studied and finished with a master in political science and a minor in history. After that, I got selfemployed with a little mailorder, which went to bancrupcy, unfortunately. Currently, I am working as a wellness massage therapist. Now we will leave next year from Germany to the States and I am thinking about yet studying for a new career with an online programme, to have something that is actually of help in the States to find a job.

Are there any ressources out there that can help me chose a subject that is actually ADD-friendly? What careers do other women work in that got the ADD diagnose? I love to work with people and got great empathic and social skills. Maybe somebody can point me a direction how to find out what I would actually like to do the future years; maybe a book or a website or some other ressource that could help me evaluate what I am good in? If something is not diverse and captures me I drop it very fast. Thank you for any help, Sonja