ADD and Disability?

My ADD spouse has been unemployed for over 15 years.  Now that he is "diagnosed" with ADD, he claims that he could never work at a real job because he can't deal with people with his ADD.  I have been the sole bread-winner all this time, which, ironically, he resents, as he says it gives me all the power, and apparently makes him feel like a big loser.  I have been at my job for over 20 years and am really tired of supporting him, I need a break myself!  He's been taking Strattera for over a year, and he thinks he sees a difference, but I honestly think he's worse, has many more "explosions" & over-reactions.  Whenever I've suggested that maybe he try to collect disability or social security, so that he's contributing something to the household, he blows up!  We had a huge fight recently where he announced he was going to leave me and collect alimony from me!  I'd really like to understand him, but it seems like he gets to "have his cake and eat it, too"...just wants me to leave him alone so he can continue to pretend to work: whenever I ask him to at least accomplish things around the house, he gets belligerent--as I'm typing this, he is on the computer, has been for most of the day.  He insisted that he get the iPhone so he could be more in touch, and now that he has it, I see that its just another extension of his computer, only now he's connected 24/7, I can see how important it makes him feel, maybe it will help. So--Is ADD considered a disability?

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I am in the same boat

I agree with you... we seem in the same boat. My husband hasn't been working for over 11 years. He does have ADD as a child. He still refuse to collect disability, he got angry when I bring up the topic. Yes, he blame me for everything. He just wants and want things. He did had an IPhone and was taking away by the police. He wants to get another one. I said no. Now he tell me and the counselor that he can't function and can't find a job because he doesn't have an IPhone. Oh please... trust me... they just complain all the time... that they want just what make them happy to play with.. I am sorry... the IPhone will not fix the problem. He did had a problem last week with his mother if you read "His mother in the way" topic. I think my husband need to get on disability if he can't work. Yes, I think they are disable in the mind and can't think clear and function.

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ADD is considered a disability - but to collect Social Security?

ADD is considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, meaning on the job it would be somewhat a protected class of people and that means protections against discrimination, and the ability to ask for job accommodations (for example, instead of two 15-minute breaks, maybe you would get three 10-minute breaks so you don't work more than two hours without a break because you lose focus)- but to collect Social Security Disability you really have to prove you have a MAJOR impairment in a MAJOR life function. A major life function is usually walking, hearing, seeing, being able to care for yourself (shower, dress, prepare food) That really, you can't work at any type of job. I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but I do some work with people with disabilities and know that impairments involving mental health issues, ADD, ADHD, even some major diseases like MS where the biggest issue is major fatigue, are all really hard to quantify for Social Security Disability Purposes.

Social Security looks at work history, medical history, and the way the disability would effect work-related activities. For ADD/ADHD you would probably have to go through a disability determination office to be interviewed to see if you really, really can't work. And they mean really can't work. Can you be a greeter at Walmart? Can you run a cash register? Can you work an assembly line? Are you physically fit and so you could licensed as a construction worker, plumber? If someone is on the computer all day and able to navigate the web, and is physically capable of working, at least part-time, Social Security would probably not find them disabled.  They might recommend your state's vocational rehabilitation system to get training and assistance in finding a job. The vocational rehabilitation folks might say that if you don't work well with people, you work on a machine, or do computer research, and they help you with training and placement.