ADD and divorce

New here. My ADD husband of almost a year just left me because I am "mistreating" him by yelling at him all the time. He says my tone of voice is always confrontational and I "intimidate" him and he is afraid to approach me and communicate with me. From all I know about ADD, these are problems stemming from his disability, not mine. I am constantly frustrated with him at home because he cannot keep track of anything, i handle the bills, the kids schedule, and constantly have to keep an eye on finances as he is horrible with them. He complains about the lack of sex, yet I feel he is my second child and that is just not that attractive to me most of the time. He has written me letters in the past to discuss his frustrations, but only after his feelings have blown out of proportion and he is very hurt and feeling neglected. He had never mentioned divorce once, and now wants one. He feels we are not "meant for each other" but I really dont know if anyone is cut out to deal with an Adder who blames is ADD for everything is his life and situation and expects me to make all of the adaptations to him, instead of meeting halfway. If anyone could lend support, I am in dire need. I am extremely frustrated as well since we are in our first year of marriage which is the hardest anyway, without the ADD.