ADD and paranoia

I have been reading this forum for some time now, and have diagnosed by husband with ADD. He is in denial, or if he may occasionally acknowledge it, he refuses to get help. This last week he has begun suffering from acute delusional disorder/paranoia. He believes that the everything is bugged - the house, my car, the computer; that people are listening in on our conversations, people are out to get him and bring him down. He believes all his friends are in on it as well - they are all agents. He suffered from this delusional disorder 7 years ago as well, for about 2 months. As I said, it is acute at the moment, but the mild paranoia has been there for several months, gradually getting worse. For example, if I go out with him, he thinks people are staring at him; he has told me stories of his work colleagues whispering about him and making things up about him to bring him down. In general he has always been critical of people, and has a mistrust for people, imagining the worst in them, including friends. Has anyone experienced this as part of ADD, or linked to ADD. I am thinking that it stems from chronic low self-esteem and a constant sense of failure;  he recently justified our relationship problems as being due to these people trying to bring him down. I am confused, as I thought ADD was due to a dopamine deficiency (which he definitely has, as he suffers from reward-deficiency syndrome), yet textbooks say paranoia is from too much dopamine.

Also can anyone give me suggestions on how to deal with him in this state? I can't get him to see anyone, as a) he doesn't believe he has a problem and b) he thinks all therapists are also agents.