ADD and putting a baby to sleep... or not.

Here I am at 230am sitting up with a teething screaming baby. My wife seems to be able to convince our 13 month old to sleep by turning him on his side, and giving him a pacifier. He sees me & he gets up bouncing. I work Fri - Mon, so I know she needs a break Sunday night... but trying to teach the baby good habits for the future and keep him settled now seem mutually exclusive. I know I've set his expectations incorrectly which is why she ttells me to deal with it as I've created this situation and maybe this will help me learn the lesson. I feel resentful towards everyone involved her, the baby, me. I'm venting mostly but advice will not be turned away.
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My husband and I are

My husband and I are expecting our first bub in June and one thing we have observed in our friends with bubs and toddlers, as well as been told by some of our friends, is that bub will feed off your energy.  So if you are feeling apprehensive to begin with, your baby will sense that and he too will be apprehensive and alert - and awake.  The teething part can of course be a problem in itself too which will pass in time, but before it's your turn to mind the baby all night, set yourself up to be in a calm, relaxed mood.  Set up baby's room and sleeping arrangements to reflect a calm mood too (i.e. no bright lights, no distractions, loud noises, TVs etc).  It may take a few goes but once bub realises you are relaxed, he will settle down too.  Just hold him, let him cry it out but hold him close and let him listen to your deep breaths with a calming pat or back rub.

The resentful feelings are natural but just remember your bub is your bub - he just doesn't know how to express himself in any other way yet.  Before it's your night, practice being calm with him.  Practice holding him and rubbing his back and just breathing deep;y with him resting on you.

I hope this can help you.