add, anxiety, depression and panic disorder

WOW! Exactly how many things can a person have going on at once. Add, depression and panic disorder is my life on a daily basis. Living as a married adult it has been very, very difficult not just for me but for my wife as well. You see she is an extrovert and is very anal and precise about everything. It has been as hard for me as it has been for her. She doesn't really understand why I feel and do the things I do and it frustrates her to no end. To make matters worse, I work with her every day in her business because our finances dictate that I help her. She reminds me daily of just how much of a screw up I am and how worthless of a husband she married. Which does nothing but reinforce what and how I feel about myself. When I was young I never dealt with anything like this but I started having some of these feelings in high school. Progressively the symptoms have gotten worse over time. The add makes life hard. The depression is overwhelming and the panic disorder is the worse. I don't even know whom I am anymore. I was able to keep these feelings under control when I was single but when I got married they got worse. Don't really know if it's because I married someone with a different personality than me or if it's all my fault. Both my wife are Christians and have faith. Believe me, this is worse than having a major physical illness, in my opinion. I don't have insurance and can't go to the doctor but I feel I need help. If anyone out there can offer any advice I would be ever so grateful. For those of you who are going through similar circumstances, my heart and prayers go out to you. God Bless