ADD getting in the way of treating ADD

I'm new here. Pretty much diagnosed my husband of 5 yrs myself.  Hubby saw a therapist this week whom he said he liked and it sounds like the guy told him he likely has ADD and they will meet next week to continue. I'm frustrated bc I was feeling so hopeful, reading the adhd effect on marriage and nodding or crying with every page, saying yes, we're on our way to treating and managing- this sucky life will end ... And he tells me he got the number to another therapist (recommended by his quack step father who is anti all meds - he ignores the fact that everything is a chemical compound on some level... Even caffeine and even the 100s of supplements he takes every day- meds are evil and part of some medical conspiracy to keep us sick... Mind you, I'm and ER doc).  I ask him what this means, is he going to see this new person now. He says well he's interested in meeting him and seeing all him options and getting more info. I see it as a way to once again scatter- not see the problem as urgent as I do, skip around and not commit. I want to pull my hair out.  Sorry I'm all over the place in this post. This guy has me losing my mind. If it wasn't unethical I would slip meds into his drinks. I need to jump start this guy. He's withering away and making me volley between hating him and loving him w great empathy.  Arg