ADD husband always ruins holidays

This makes me so sad. I'm spending yet another Christmas alone because my ADD husband screamed at me, slammed the door in my face and left for a day. We live with his parents due to poverty, and I'm disabled living without teeth or denture (I need a bone graft we can't afford to wear a denture). I'm in a foreign country, unfamiliar state, can't really even walk far or get anywhere without help, and my inlaws don't really like me (they don't appreciate that I keep asking their son to get treatment because his ADD is "not a big deal", according to them. I pretty much spend my Christmas in tears alone in the room while he just insulted me and disappeared. It especially hurts because I cooked so much and baked for his work potluck, and I'm very very exhausted and he promised to help and be around but his mood changed and he just started treating me like I'm inhuman piece of sh*t . Do all of them ruin holidays like this? Does anybody know why? Maria.