ADD medication and Alcohol - worried.

Lately my ADD spouse has been taking an extra dose of Adderall after work. I admit most times it helps the evenings home go more smoothly. Except when he has a strong ale at the same time. I don't know if one beer would affect his mood on the medication because on a few occasions he would jump down my throat for what he felt was a knock on his character.

I came from a dysfunctional upbringing where I was never made to feel safe and secure and I need someone to let me know I can be safe and secure with them. I never get this from my husband. I don't even demand it, it's just something I'll comment on, whether it's me, the house, our kids, and I want more than anything to hear that everything will be OK.

With an ADD partner, I can never get that feedback that is essential. I have to accommodate everything for him; every time he explodes it's either my fault or it's the ADD "talking"... but I feel it has to do with how the alcohol mixes with the Adderall, and also having alcohol before he comes down from the Adderall.... does any of this ring a bell with anyone?

He has made many excuses about the alcohol use that the Adderall is out of his system, or that he's having a few beers and then popping 40 mg of Adderall over the course later that day. Or it seems he's drinking in between doses. He takes 10mg every 3 hours. and somehow he manages 3 beers during the day. He's not even drinking draft beer, he's out buying bottles of the expensive ales which seem to be a lot stronger in alcohol content...  should I speak to his neurologist??  Also, he used to self medicate with pot and now it seems to be alcohol. Not hard liquor but strong beers.