Is this ADD or just verbal abuse?

I have been dating a man for over a year now who was very open with me from the beginning that he had ADHD. At the time, I was not concerned as I had previously been married to a man with ADHD for 14 years and had some understanding of the diagnosis. This man and I were friends 20 years ago and "found" each other again and after admitting to each other that we had unresolved feelings for each other, we started dating. I have been very patient his mood swings and days of depression, but it is the verbal abuse I can't deal with. This was one of the reasons I left my previous husband.  When he gets in one of his severe moods, he will swear at me, call me names, but then sincerely apologize later. Then, his latest is after we officially told we each other we loved each other, and meant it, two weeks later, he "took it back" telling me that he really only loved me as a friend and broke up with me and treated me like a piece of garbage. He then contacted me a few weeks later telling me he didn't mean it and was sincerely apologetic, but now a month later he has done the same thing again! I deeply love this man and have for a long time, but I can't be with someone I can't even trust when he tells me he loves me thinking he will "take it back" for no reason!! Any advice....PLEASE!!

In addition, he REFUSES to go on any medication. He is TOTALLY against anything regarding modern medicine. He believes that his organic and natural diet and supplements are enough to keep him under control.