ADD result of drug use during adolescence?

Is there any evidence of this?

My husband has recently been diagnosed with ADD at age 42. No family history that I can see (in fact, everyone is a high achiever, professional, successful.)

My husband is very smart, well educated. He was a heavy pot smoker at a young age (12 or 13 to about 18.) He no longer smokes pot but does have some issues with alcohol.


You have it backwards. He

You have it backwards. He smoked pot and now drinks to self- medicate. My husband did the same thing.

It's very common for people

It's very common for people with ADHD to "self medicate" throughout their lifetime, especially when they're undiagnosed. I often hear about them needing a "calming" aide, ie pot, alcohol, downers, etc to quiet the "din" in their heads, and the anxiety in their lives. From what I've read, the ADHD is already there in adolescence, then the self medication begins as a coping mechanism.

My husband smoked pot for most of his early adolescence, and into his mid 20's. Now, at age 30, he drinks gallons of alcohol every night.

cause and effect

My husband started drinking very early as a teenager, but since we have been together, he has never used alcohol on a regular basis.  But he would, I think, if he were single.  Being a high achiever, professional, successful is not an indicator that ADD is not present... my guy has a masters degree, and has done well career-wise throughout his life.  He just has very little of the money he has earned.... ;)