ADD/ADHD and Narcissism relating to communication

I did a few searches on forum & blog posts before starting this new topic to see if there was a recent discussion that I should post to, but didn't see anything that was quite fitting. I have commented on threads in the past week or so covering inability to answer a question directly, etc., but this subject is enough different that I wanted to post it separately.

I am the ADD one in the family, and along with numerous other communication battles, my husband has always accused me of being unable to admit mistakes. In trying to find "answers" I think I was Googling things like "inability to admit mistakes" or something like that when I came across this article:

Please note that this link is an archived version of the article from the Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of New Jersey. I tried to find a better link, but could not, so hopefully this is OK.

I am not stating that ALL ADD/ADHD folks are also narcissistic, just that I read this article and felt like the authors had been secretly watching me for 20 years. Of anything I have read or learned about myself, ADD, etc. this has had one of the most profound effects.

I am interested to hear comments from ADD/Non-ADD folks to see if they see any tendencies described that match their own traits/spouses traits. A word of caution - NON-ADD spouses - PLEASE don't use this as ammunition against your ADD-spouse. My husband has done this on occasion, and maybe it's appropriate, but while I was still trying to get my arms around it and really understand the implications, sometimes it was hard when he used this article as a "weapon" on me :).