ADD/ADHD individuals not welcome here

"Your last two sentences are classic of what the majority of us non's endure being married to an ADHDer. Yes, this was all MY fault...and you are 100% right. Feel better?"

This comment was made to me by another member on this forum because I had the audacity to suggest that perhaps the subject of Tourette's was better left to a co-morbidity thread and maybe not discussed in terms of being similar to ADHD because Tourette's has its own issues and complexities not understood by the community at large. Just to clarify, my son has Tourette's

Over the past several weeks I have been told that I am over sensitive and that I really shouldn't take all of the shots and judgmental statements personally and if I did that was indicative of my failure to comprehend the nature of the grievous wrongs perpetrated by ADHDs on the poor suffering nons. I challenge those nons to hold up a mirror sometime and try to see their own part in the caustic mix and to understand that just because we have been labeled with this disorder, it doesn't mean you are perfect or right. Don't forget that it is an ADHD trait to see things others don't.

It is my distinct impression that this site has been commandeered by the nons for the sole purpose of commiserating in martyrdom. It is not helpful to an ADHD to always hear about how defective and inferior we are. With  few exceptions, the complaining threads are far more active than any of the positive ones.

I choose to remove myself from this caustic negative environment. Its been a blast.