Adderall Impacting Marriage

My spouse was newly diagnosed with ADHD about 6 months ago and prescribed adderall. It's been beneficial for them in a lot of aspects of their life (schoolwork, energy levels, help around the house), but they've withdrawn from our relationship 100% and is now contemplating divorce. They claim that they're thriving in all aspects of life except for our marriage and they just don't feel any desire to spend time with me anymore. They claim that they don't see how they can work through the damage done pre-ADHD diagnosis (typical non-ADHD spouse behavior, nagging, negativity, parent/child dynamic). It just doesn't seem like a coincidence that a few months after starting adderall they seemingly change their tune on our relationship. I desperately love my spouse and want this marriage to work, but with my spouse completely shutting me out it's seeming less and less possible. I've always been best friends with them, but they seem like a completely different person the last few months. Has anyone else experienced something similar in a personality change after a spouse newly starts medication??