Adderall shortage

Does anyone know anything current about the Adderall shortage??

I tried to get my prescription today (generic XR) and was told that they were out and were not given a date when they would get more.  They said, maybe July or august.  I can't afford the co-pay for brand-name Adderall, so I just took my prescription and left.  I have 5 pills left.  Normally that would only get me through 2.5 days.  I'm going to have to stretch them out as long as i can I guess and start scrambling around to different pharmacies to see if anyone has it, but i'm pretty damn sure in this city every rock has been overturned already.

Anyone know anything about when this shortage is supposed to end?  Should I just suck it up and pay for 'real' Adderall?  Now i'm kind of scared that the brand name will disappear as well and i'll be totally f*cked.

Shortage in Dallas, too...

I went to Walmart, which I NEVER do, and they ordered it for me to pickup a week later. Good grief...

brand vs. generic?

do you know if it's all Adderall that's disappearing or just the generic?  I'm thinking if the brand name is in shortage also, i'd better just suck up the cost and get some.

I told my husband about it and said, "well I could just see if I can get by without meds..."  his response:  "um..... just go get the real adderall if Costco etc. doesn't have the generic...."


One problem with this.....

DH's doctor won't write a prescription until 30 days after the last one. (Not his fault, I think it's federal law.) Then, when you are out, you have to run around looking for some. Don't get me started on how much it costs. To me, insurance where you still have to pay $60 is hardly insurance. I don't know what we are going to do next month without insurance.

Walmart had Real Adderall, but...

had to order the generic since the was $100 + difference in price! Walgreens just said it was back-ordered, No Date... WTF?!?

Just get by without meds??? No WAY!




Shortage in WA state, too!!!!!!


My understanding is both Adderall and generic are in short supply (Ritalin, too).  For me (with insurance) brand name is $92, generic is $8.


when will it end?

I saw an article (from April) saying the shortage will be over in May - but I haven't seen anything with a recent prediction.

the costco here told me they have the generic, but I can't get there til thursday so i've got to stretch out my 5 pills (and save the 5th one for work thursday afternoon in case there's a problem or the person I spoke to on the phone was wrong and they don't actually have it and there's only brand name for a huge mark-up. 

Love the way it's reported in the media:

"A deadstock crisis is notable for the potential to wreak havoc on creative classes, students of all ages (during finals!), and then, of course, people actually prescribed it."

I wonder if there would be a shortage if the only people taking it were people who actually need it?

Costco in Arlington "Been out for 3 weeks or more, can't get!"

Not wanting to panic here but does anyone have any idea when this "Shortage" is going to end. Publication I read say May 20th by one manufacturer but clearly that isn't the case. I just came from Costco who told me ALL of their locations were out of adderral and had been for 3 weeks or more, that they placed an order and were told it was unavailable and they had no idea when it might be but I could call every week to see! No waiting list, nothing..Apparently they didn't have much of anything in the ADD/ADHD med range. I am in a rather limited position and the generic tablet is all I can take - due to a surgery I can no longer take any capsule or XR style meds. I also don't have health insurance any longer so $240 a month for something else that won't work is out of the budget. I know there are abuses of the meds but certainly there has to be a way for those of us legit users to get help. I have 3 psychiatric diagnoses and worked with psychiatrists and psychologists to secure proper treatment.. not just a simple script from a local MD... and have strictly followed my med management for years with SIGNIFICANT improvement in all facets of my life. I had at least 20 jobs in less than 5 years (not fired by any of them by the way!) and so many other disasters prior to proper diagnosis that I am a bit nervous about going without my meds! This can have quite severe impact for me. My friends and family know if I even miss one day. If Walmart could order than why can't all pharmacies get? Or did they procure from another Walmart location with stock on hand? What wal-mart?? HELP???!!!

Adderall at Walmart Neighborhood Grocery

It took a week to get the generic Adderall, but they delivered on time. The location was on Town East at Galloway in Mesquite.

I hope this helps...


Also out in Austin

HEB has just called to tell me the generic is backordered, at least in the 10mg. The pharmacist says he doesn't know of anywhere in town that has it either. He said currently they have the 5mg and 20mg available so I've called my doctor to request a new prescription. I'm normally meant to take the 10mg twice a day but I only take it once and stretch it out so I've been lucky so far. I've had lots of trouble getting it filled in recent months though so I may just drop down to 5mg and see how that works for me. 

Costco NYC

I got the Adderall 20 mg. XR at Costco last week.  I'm hoping that means things are looking up, but don't know.  Guess I'll find out next month!

Hope you get some soon!