Adderall shortage

Does anyone know anything current about the Adderall shortage??

I tried to get my prescription today (generic XR) and was told that they were out and were not given a date when they would get more.  They said, maybe July or august.  I can't afford the co-pay for brand-name Adderall, so I just took my prescription and left.  I have 5 pills left.  Normally that would only get me through 2.5 days.  I'm going to have to stretch them out as long as i can I guess and start scrambling around to different pharmacies to see if anyone has it, but i'm pretty damn sure in this city every rock has been overturned already.

Anyone know anything about when this shortage is supposed to end?  Should I just suck it up and pay for 'real' Adderall?  Now i'm kind of scared that the brand name will disappear as well and i'll be totally f*cked.